Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Flying into the Sun

I hate doing this, and yet I do it again and again.

I review, I blog, and eventually I stop. I go dark for a few months, a year, or more. Eventually I come back and feel the need to explain my absence, my return, and all the epiphanies I gathered in the interim. And in the meantime I always wind up feeling like an addict returning to a meeting, explaining why this time I know I'll stick to it. Regardless of how many encouraging claps on the shoulder I get from all the folks who did stick with it, deep down I always know they couldn't possibly believe I'll go the distance this time.

So I refuse to be long-winded this time around. I won't waste your time with grand promises.

I'll simply say that recently I realized how much I miss this. I miss reviewing and I miss blogging. I miss buying a comic specifically with the intention of reviewing it. I actually - no BS - miss reading graphic novels with a pen and paper handy to take notes. I miss it. And there's no good reason to miss it when the venue for it is right here, waiting for me.

Why did I stop then? Because I thought I should be doing something More Important. But as much as I tried to do something More Important, I couldn't force it. This is where I want to be. So I'm hoping I can let that More Important version of myself fly into the fucking Sun and leave me alone for a while.

There are e-mails to be sent out, bridges to hopefully be mended, and apologies to be made. But the books are bought, the time scheduled, and I'm ready to go. There will be a review here Monday; either of Sunday's episode of Breaking Bad or of my slick new copy of Hulk: Season One (which review will be here depends on whether or not I can force myself to speed-write a review of Breaking Bad late Sunday night or early Monday morning). There are projects I started before Superheroes, etc. went dark - like reviewing Lone Wolf & Cub volume-by-volume and a series of reviews of Star Trek: The Next Generation- and I intend to dust those off and finish what I started. But for now all I promise is that there will be a review here on Monday, and we'll take it from there.


Unknown said...

If you fly into the sun hard enough, you'll come back as Electric Mick, then Electric Mick Red and Electric Mick Blue!

And I still eagerly await anything you write, whenever you have the time.

James K. Moran said...
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James K. Moran said...

Dear Mick:

I concur with Nitz the Bloody. Good to have you back. To paraphrase Frankie Goes to Hollywood, welcome back to the Blogger Dome.

Also, having been inspired by your posts, I have started my own blog at, where I write about topics related to Superheroes, etc., but do not duplicate what you are doing.

If you have a chance to peruse my blog, I'd also welcome any tips/comments/suggestions.