Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The Ballad of Assface John

Someone pissed me off today. Let's call him "Assface John."

For most of the last year I have been writing- primarily about comics and comic book movies - for actual honest-to-Hulk money. I love it, I am insanely grateful for the opportunity, and can't wait to do more. 

Today, shortly after posting links to my latest feature article about why certain actors no longer appear in MCU flicks, I received a passive-aggressive and insulting instant message from an acquaintance. Here it is. 


Isn't that considerate of him? He likes what I do "to a certain extent." Awww.

And it's SO NICE of him to let me know that interesting things are going on in comics! I only spend about $300 on them per month. So it's refreshing to get a more informed view of things. 

Since Assface John was clearly a big fan of top 10 lists, that's how I chose to respond. 

He did write back and, as I predicted, was so confused about how I could possibly consider his initial message insulting in any way. And then he was blocked. Farewell, Assface John. Don't forget to wipe.