Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blogging frustrations and theme weeks

I have no reviews or insights on comics to share with you today. I am struggling with the notion of meeting my pledge to provide content here every weekday for 6 months.

I do not want to stop blogging, but the more time I put into my novel the more I consider abandoning the every-weekday pledge. I doubt anyone would cry foul if I posted 4 days a week - or even 3 - instead of 5, but it would disappoint me. This coming Monday, I'll be 2 months into the 6 month goal. That feels like too deep a cut to not keep going. Mainly, I want to finish what I started; that's something I haven't done much in my life and it's no one's fault but my own. Well, okay, I guess I also blame Jesus.

The best idea I have is to write all of my reviews on the weekend and schedule them to post during the week. I'm going to try that and we'll see what happens. Doing that feels kind of weird just because I'm not used to writing more than one review on any given day. I also wonder if I'll have time for any longer, more involved pieces.

I am happy so far with one of my other goals - to write reviews of all the GNs I own before allowing myself to buy new ones. The one annoying little problem I have there is what to pick for review on any given week. The plan of writing all the reviews over the weekend makes it that much more annoying, because I have to pick them all right away. I end up changing my mind a dozen times.

So, I've decided I'm going to do theme weeks here at Superheroes, etc. There will be crime comic week, a monster comic week, weeks for particular series, weeks for specific creative teams on particular series, and I can almost guarantee you there will be several Hulk comic weeks (though, arguably, that's every week here).

I considered doing this before because I thought it would be fun, but two things got in the way. First, there would be the regular frustration of trying to fit reviews for new comics into weekly themes. Since I won't be reviewing any new GNs for a while, that's not a problem. Second, there's my Friday Hulk column. I felt that a weekly theme wouldn't feel complete if I didn't include the Hulk column, and there's no way I'm shaving off Hulk Is The Strongest One There Is. So, I'm just going to have the theme weeks and if I can fit my Hulk Fridays into the blog's respective weekly themes, great. If not, no big.


Eric said...

Theme weeks are fun. Also, eventually, I will respond to your email.

Unknown said...

If you enjoy it, do it, and I'll eagerly follow. But don't feel compelled to hold yourself to a blog-a-day schedule for six months straight. Your readers aren't little children who are going to cry "YOU PROMISED!" if you miss a day.;)