Thursday, November 17, 2005

Why I need to make a decision and stick to it

My impatience regarding Planet Hulk got the better of me yesterday. While Pak and Co. aren't on Hulk yet, I decided to temporarily suspend my wait-for-the-trade rule. I had to go into work a bit earlier than usual for a couple of meetings, and since my local shop is right down the street from my job I stopped in to pick up copies of The Incredible Hulk #88 and Captain Universe/Hulk.

Ho boy, was that a good reminder of why I instituted the wait-for-the trade rule in the first place. Hulk #88 wasn't bad, but it went by in a flash, probably that much faster since I haven't read any new floppies in a while, just trade collections. Plus, the big surprise at the end was just spoiled a teeny, tiny bit since all of the blurbs and Internet articles about the storyline have mentioned right up top that Nick Fury would be recruiting the Hulk. Captain Universe/Hulk was, well, no one got raped on-panel so that's something good I can say about it. Hulk turned blue. Fought robots. I bought floppies. Not gonna happen again.


James Meeley said...

I thought Hulk #88 was pretty good. Granted, it wasn't perfect but it was a passable issue. It sort of reminded me a bit of the old Hulk t.v. show of the 70's. I think the feeling I got from this issue, is what Bruce Jones as trying for but failed.

Didn't get Hulk/Captain Universe, becuase if i want to read that story, I can reread Hulk Annual #10 which did the same thing.

I know you said you won't be getting floppies, but perhaps you should for the Daniel Way Hulk story. Not only because it is taking place right before "Planet Hulk", but since it's only four issues, it's not that big a commitment.

Besides, I'm sure you'll be getting "Planet Hulk" in floppies, right? And with the Hulk set to go into space during Daniel Way's run, it's possible that his tale will help set up Pak's story. And wouldn't it suck to have part one of "Planet Hulk" reference Way's story in some way and not knowing what it means?

Just some thoughts for you to think about. And I know if Hulk vs. Godzilla gets made you'll buy THAT floppy. ;)

Mick Martin said...

James, thanks for your thoughts, but I will be buying neither Planet Hulk nor Peace In Our Time as floppies. I thought I might, but after checking out the first issue, I was reminded how rare it is that I'm genuinely satisfied with a single floppy comic.

I won't bore you with a long explanation about why I'm now solely a wait-for-the-trade guy, but in brief: floppies are too expensive, too much of a pain to store, and I find reprint collections a lot more satisfying. I'm actually in the very slow process of selling off my floppies to for credit, and using the credit to buy trades and gns from them.

James Meeley said...


That's cool. Some folks have the patience to "wait for the trade." I'm not one of them, though. ;)

Still, I'm sure there will always be times when you might want to make an exception of your rule (such as the Hulk vs. Godizilla comic, if it ever gets done). Because there's nothing like going into the shop on Wednesday and seeing what cool new stuff is out. Floppies make every week feel like Christmas, which is another reason why I like them. :)

Mick Martin said...

If I ever have a job with a healthy amount of disposable income, I might go back to floppies. We'll see.

Of course, in the case of the Hulk vs. Godzilla example, I might make an exception though I would much rather have an OGN or perhaps a mini-series that could later be collected in tpb/hc format (which SHOULD happen, since how could one measly floppy contain the epic battle between these two green titans).

And, of course, this is all dependent on precisely what I said on your blog about the subject: the Hulk BETTER win.