Friday, November 11, 2005

Beating the undead horse

So, among other things, Joss Whedon's working on a new Buffy comic, as well as developing a Spike movie.

More Buffy comics? Sure. I had a pretty lukewarm reaction to the one Buffy collection I've read, though I know there are a lot more out there. I've stayed away from them because I assumed (still don't know whether or not I was wrong, if anyone cares to inform me) that most just adapted the episodes rather than featured completely new stories.

But I don't like the idea of more TV/film projects. Buffy ran its course, and plummetted downhill towards the end. TV and film necessitate dealing with a much more difficult human factor than comics, and it risks making any future Buffyverse projects embarrassing in a very Star Trek V kind of way. The Buffy cast is getting older. James Marsters is in his mid-40's, and if the one shot I saw from Smallville is any indication, it's starting to show. I guess it wouldn't be such a problem if he was the Captain of a starship, but vampires are supposed to be eternally young, aren't they?

While I've only watched the first season of Angel, I understand that its final season didn't give fans the same closure Buffy did, and that this is the source of a lot of the desire for more projects.

Still, I just don't want this to catch on. I don't want to watch an aging Xander with his pirate-patch visiting Giles in his nursing home to get more occult research tomes for Willow, who's just adopted her first child and named her "Miss Kitty Fantastico". I don't want a half-dozen films with ever-greying actors (The Wrath of Schneider, The Search For Giles) ending with a bittersweet film of fat, balding Buffy veterans spouting out wildly misinterpreted lines from old films and Shakespeare.

Put a stake in it. It's done.

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