Monday, February 13, 2012

Capital Region Folks - Comics and Cards for sale

I've been steadily shaving away my floppy collection for a few years. I'm moving in May and I figure it's time to finally get rid of the whole thing. I also have a bunch of Magic: The Gathering cards I don't use anymore, and some Marvel Vs. cards I've never used.

I'm posting this as an offer to any local folks to contact me and go through what I have. You can pick and choose, and I'll probably give you a pretty good price. I don't have the energy to figure out clever ways to trick people into paying too much.

However, you should know that I don't have anything spectacularly valuable. You won't find any copies of Detective Comics #27 or Amazing Fantasy #15 in my collection. As far as the cards are concerned, I don't even know them well enough to guess value. You could totally end up hosing me for some hidden treasure.

I'm giving anyone who's interested until March 1st to contact me and set up a time to go through the stuff. After March 1st, I'll be posting the entire collections respectively on either craigslist or ebay, and after that there will be no picking and choosing; it'll be an all-or-nothing deal. I'm not nearly as concerned with money as I am with getting rid of baggage so the move doesn't need quite so much moving.


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Arion said...

Letting go of part of your collection can't be that easy. I know I would hate to get rid of my floppies.

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