Friday, April 15, 2011

Spreading the disease

For the past couple of weeks I've snaked my infectious tentacles into more corners of the Internet.

(i.e. I've e-mailed websites I like and asked if they'll let me write for them)

Today brings my first review for the St. Louis-based pop culture website PLAYBACK: stl. I review Liar's Kiss from Top Shelf. Thanks to PLAYBACK: stl's Comic Books Editor Jason Green for the opportunity. I have at least one review planned for next week, maybe two.

Also, earlier this week I posted my first review for Alex Ness's group blog Poplitiko. I reviewed Darryl Cunningham's excellent Psychiatric Tales. I plan to post there regularly; at least every few weeks if not more often. Thanks Alex for inviting me to the blog and letting me stay after I waited months before contributing.

Soon - perhaps as early as next week - I will have news of an upcoming regular feature on another website, but I don't want to count my tentacles before they're...tentacles.

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