Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Yeah, yeah, I know, I really should be tired of blogging about blogging by now...

Since the frustration the title implies is real, I will try to keep this short.

I am officially abandoning my goal of blogging every weekday for 6 months.

First, I don't enjoy blogging anymore and since no one's paying me for this, personal enjoyment seems a reasonable prerequisite.

Second, I am not writing the blog posts I want to write. The ideas for blog posts I'm the most excited about are ones that would take more than a day to put together, so I always end up shelving them in favor of something else.

Third, I need to trust myself more. I think I've made these proclamations and rules because I don't trust myself to keep writing. I assume if I'm not blogging every single weekday, I will allow Superheroes, etc. to go catatonic again.

My writing isn't the only area of my life in which trust is an issue. I won't bore you with the details. Suffice to say I think the most important thought to cross my mind in months is that I need to trust myself even if I have given myself reason not to. Because if I don't trust myself, who the hell will?

So, I am still blogging and I plan to do so on a regular basis. I think, and certainly hope, the main difference will be better content because I'll only be writing what I want to.

I am not sure whether or not my weekly Hulk column will be a casualty of this. I don't think it will disappear entirely, but I'm also not sure if it will still be weekly.

I don't regret making the goal. I pushed myself and it paid off in a lot of ways. But now I want to concentrate on quality instead of quantity.


Rodger said...

Hey Mick, first time poster, long time reader...or something...

Completely reasonable to take a break from daily posts. I suppose that most of us could pay you in smart ass comments but unless your landlord or grocer will also take them in trade it isn't likely that they will help.

I say do your multiple day blogs that you want to do. Why did you promise to blog everyday? Was it simply to have daily content or was it to ensure that you were writing even if you didn't feel like it? Figure that out, then figure out how it will mesh with the stuff you actually want to write and make a promise that you will enjoy keeping. Quality over quantity man.

Gary M. Miller said...

I know what you mean, Mick. You and I seem to have similar goals with our blogs lately--I never committed to a daily schedule, but I decided I want to keep the wheels greased, and I have some things I decided I wanted to say at the beginning of the year. Like you also, other ideas for posting always come up, like my persistent new issue reviews and nuggets like my comprehensive review of all things Firestorm that just reached its fifth entry. (Plug, plug.) I still have things I want to get to--not the least of which is my flirtation with Epic Comics from 2003--and I know I'll get there, but in the meantime--SQUIRREL!--I'm keeping myself reasonably entertained, and hope that people who have visited my blog for one thing (let's say, Hulk) have decided to stay for other things. Meantime, I look at my own posts and say, holy shit, 17 more posts for the year and I'll have eclipsed my own annual record ('05, the year I started blogging).

I didn't mean to make that all about me. No, really. I am always fascinated by your posts and will look forward to seeing you really cutting loose. Keep it going, buddy, and I'll keep reading.

Now if you'll excuse me, Fringe is a'calling.