Tuesday, September 22, 2009

TWC and Wikipedia

I'm honestly having trouble keeping up with my fellow reviewers over at Trouble with Comics. I'll visit it in the morning, won't have time to read it at first, and then by the time I come back later in the day, there are two more posts already. It's insanity! Good insanity, but still insanity.

I finally found some time today to read the work people posted in the last few days.

Chris Allen reviews Manhunter.
Alan Doane discusses creator rights.
D. Emerson Eddy reviews Batman & Robin.
Marc Sobel reviews Disappearance Diary.
David Wynne looks back at Grant Morrison's Zenith.

As the days go by and the posts multiply, I'm more and more grateful for the opportunity to be a part of TWC. Everything I read there makes me think, "Wow, I'm one of these guys."

Also, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Superheroes, etc. has been linked to from Wikipedia. One of the very first online reviews I wrote was for AC Comics' Fighting Yank #1 at Comic Book Galaxy. The review was later reprinted in Fighting Yank #2. I re-posted the review here on Superheroes, etc., and Fighting Yank's wiki page has a link to that review on the bottom of the page under "Footnotes." Not a huge deal, but it's kind of cool to be on Wikipedia, if a little indirectly.

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