Monday, May 09, 2005

Favorite FCBD conversation

At my local shop, every year they have a guy in the back with a bunch of Marvel trivia cards. If I recall correctly, the way it works is that you get three automatic free comics, and after that you have to answer some trivia questions to get any more.

Comic Shop Guy: Okay, which Fantastic Four Villain lives underground?

Mick: Underground?

Comic Shop Guy: Underground.

Mick: The Mole Man.

(one free comic and a few minutes later)

Comic Shop Guy: Okay, which member of the New Mutants has the real name Sam Guthrie?

Mick: Cannonball.

(one free comic and a few minutes later, my girlfriend wants me to answer a question so she can snag another one)

Comic Shop Guy: Okay, this might be a little bit tougher. Which Marvel character is described as "The Human Rocket"?

Mick: Uh.

Comic Shop Guy: Yeah, it's kinda tough.

Mick: It can't be Cannonball, that was the last one (Mick starts trying to remember name of obscure villain from the Circus of Crime, eventually remembers it's "Human Cannonball" which would make the likelihood of a "Human Rocket" nickname very slim).

Comic Shop Guy: Nope, not him.

Mick: Er...

Comic Shop Guy: I don't know if this will help-

Mick: Er...

Comic Shop Guy: Erik Larsen has a hard-on for him.

Mick: Oh! Nova!

Dear Erik Larsen's Hard-On,
We at The Daily Burn would like to thank you both for the free comic book, and for a brief break from studying about how evil men have oppressed women. Thanks, Mick Martin.

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